Monday, September 17, 2012

You Can Heal Your Life Using Dream Therapy...

Review by Leland LeCuyer on Google Plus

Dream Therapy by Tessa Schlesinger

Don't let the title of +Tessa Schlesinger's Amazon Single fool you: You Can Heal Your Life Using Dream Therapy is not so much another volume of self-help instruction so much as a profile in courage. Opening oneself up and making one's interior life so visible and vulnerable to criticism takes enormous valor; yet that is precisely what Schlesinger does in this unveiling of herself so that others may benefit from what she learned along her journey of self-control and increasing self-mastery.

Each one of us is unique. Schlesinger's story differs from mine, just as it differs from yours. Yet the fact that my and your struggles might vary from hers does not imply that you and I have no struggles, no equally imperious demons holding dominion over us, limiting us and, in ways great and small, making each of us our own worst enemy, preventing the better angels of our nature from being given expression.

Recognizing that a change in her dreams often signaled a profound transformation in her understanding of herself and of the world, she developed a technique whereby she enabled herself to exert some degree of control over her nocturnal reveries and, by doing so, effect rapid, profound and lasting changes in her life. And it is this technique that she so generously shares with the world in his tiny booklet that took me less than an hour to read.

Because Schlesinger is not a mental health professional, nor pretends to be one, it is likely that what she wrote will be ignored and, if read, dismissed categorically by the experts in the mental health establishment. I hope that some brave soul in the profession will hazard his or her reputation amongst his or her peers, read this book and take its hypothesis and methodology seriously enough to initiate the studies required to make this part of the standard repertory of treatment, for what Schlesinger discovered through self-analysis and self-treatment seems not only useful but, in my untutored opinion, more likely to be effective for more people than the current standards of cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis or pharmaceutical intervention.

But this book wasn't written for professionals; instead its target audience consists of people seeking to change themselves in some way. You and I don't need the permission of a therapist to go ahead and give these methods a try. Each one of us is different, and what works for you may not work for me. But Schlesinger has given us an important new tool to wield in the fine art of becoming myself. It is well worth the investment of three bucks to find out whether this tool may be useful to you.

One final note: in the spirit of self-disclosure, Schlesinger was one of the first people I met when Google+ opened its portal. From my correspondence with her I know how sensitive she is to criticism, and how much courage it takes for her to put herself at risk in this way. If nothing else, she has set herself as an example that it is possible to overcome one's own deepest fears.


You Can Heal Your Life Using Dream Therapy

Dreams reveal the issues in your deep unconscious. You can spend the rest of your life in therapy, or you can simply learn to interpret your dreams, and then through using the lucid dreaming techniques epxlained in the book below, heal the issues. It's worked for me. Maybe it will work for you!