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How to Immigrate to Another Country


MJ Rogers Amazon
I found the author's book very interesting as well as helpful. She obviously knows what she is talking about and I suspect that if I DID move out of country - her book would be my companion. 


In today's world, many people seek different or better working conditions, safety from terrible conditions, and/or a better life for their children. They begin to look at the world around them and wonder if there is another country that might better serve them.

In doing so, they need to take into consideration whether they quality for entry into that country. There's language, age, working qualifications, and a myriad of minefields to negotiate.

This book gives the chief requirements needed for immigration  to English speaking countries, plus other countries which are easy to immigrate to, as well as countries where English is spoken (even if it is not the first language). It also gives an overview of the language and terms used in immigration and what the universal basics of immigration are.

It includes weblinks to sites that will give detaled information and leading expat forums. It's a quick and easy to read ebook and by the time the reader has read it, s/he should have some idea of what the possibilities are. 

Amazon : How to Immigrate to Another Country

Barnes and Noble: How to Immigrate to Another Country

Memoirs of a Jewish Journalist in Nazi Germany

Memoirs of a Jewish Journalist in Nazi Germany by W.L. Schlesinger
My late father wrote this on the 50th anniversary of the Brown Shirts kicking all Jews out of Political and Judicial service in Germany. I truly believe it is a story that deserves to be read over and over again - not because it talks about the holocaust, but because, it doesn't. It's a story that gets repeated over and over again. Even now, we live in a time when, more and more, the powers that be have powers over us...

In Apri, 1933, Werner Ludwig Schlesinger was on his way to work at the German Appeal Court when a band of Brownshirts approached him and asked whether he was Jewish. Upon admission of his ethnicity, he ‘collected the hiding of his life’ and was forbidden further work at the German courts.

As he had both a law degree and a journalism degree, he was able to find work at a Jewish newspaper. His next three years were spent, amongst other things, covering Jewish events, witnessing the birth of rockets and television, and Einstein’s farewell speech at the Westend Synagogue in the Princzregentenstrase. 

As one of only three Jews in Berlin with the requisite journalism degree, he was responsible for signing off on the copy of other Jewish Journalists in the city. Often this was dangerous work. If he did not read the copy too carefully, and something that offended the Nazis slipped through, his life would be forfeited. 

In 1936, while on holiday in Switzerland, he received a telegram from his mother not to return. As he had been expecting a visit from the Gestapo, he made his way to South Africa. This is the story of those long three years.

Amazon: Memoirsof a Jewish Journalist in Nazi Germany

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You Can Heal Your Life Using Dream Therapy...

Review by Leland LeCuyer on Google Plus

Dream Therapy by Tessa Schlesinger

Don't let the title of +Tessa Schlesinger's Amazon Single fool you: You Can Heal Your Life Using Dream Therapy is not so much another volume of self-help instruction so much as a profile in courage. Opening oneself up and making one's interior life so visible and vulnerable to criticism takes enormous valor; yet that is precisely what Schlesinger does in this unveiling of herself so that others may benefit from what she learned along her journey of self-control and increasing self-mastery.

Each one of us is unique. Schlesinger's story differs from mine, just as it differs from yours. Yet the fact that my and your struggles might vary from hers does not imply that you and I have no struggles, no equally imperious demons holding dominion over us, limiting us and, in ways great and small, making each of us our own worst enemy, preventing the better angels of our nature from being given expression.

Recognizing that a change in her dreams often signaled a profound transformation in her understanding of herself and of the world, she developed a technique whereby she enabled herself to exert some degree of control over her nocturnal reveries and, by doing so, effect rapid, profound and lasting changes in her life. And it is this technique that she so generously shares with the world in his tiny booklet that took me less than an hour to read.

Because Schlesinger is not a mental health professional, nor pretends to be one, it is likely that what she wrote will be ignored and, if read, dismissed categorically by the experts in the mental health establishment. I hope that some brave soul in the profession will hazard his or her reputation amongst his or her peers, read this book and take its hypothesis and methodology seriously enough to initiate the studies required to make this part of the standard repertory of treatment, for what Schlesinger discovered through self-analysis and self-treatment seems not only useful but, in my untutored opinion, more likely to be effective for more people than the current standards of cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis or pharmaceutical intervention.

But this book wasn't written for professionals; instead its target audience consists of people seeking to change themselves in some way. You and I don't need the permission of a therapist to go ahead and give these methods a try. Each one of us is different, and what works for you may not work for me. But Schlesinger has given us an important new tool to wield in the fine art of becoming myself. It is well worth the investment of three bucks to find out whether this tool may be useful to you.

One final note: in the spirit of self-disclosure, Schlesinger was one of the first people I met when Google+ opened its portal. From my correspondence with her I know how sensitive she is to criticism, and how much courage it takes for her to put herself at risk in this way. If nothing else, she has set herself as an example that it is possible to overcome one's own deepest fears.


You Can Heal Your Life Using Dream Therapy

Dreams reveal the issues in your deep unconscious. You can spend the rest of your life in therapy, or you can simply learn to interpret your dreams, and then through using the lucid dreaming techniques epxlained in the book below, heal the issues. It's worked for me. Maybe it will work for you!

Mr. Tokoloshe

The Tokoloshe is a story about a little man with an extra long appendage and he walks around looking to cause trouble for other people - so say the Xhosa people of South Africa.

I had a different thought. Perhaps, Mr. Tokoloshe was just a frustrated little man with an appendage too big to fit the necessary receptacle. And, perhaps, if Mr. Tokoloshe could resolve the issue, things would end happily.

A little bit of fun fantasy - never crude or rude, lighthearted and humorous and great fun to read with friends!

Reviews for Tessa Schlesinger, author and writer

Tessa placed so much symbolism and the true heart of a woman in this book. Mingling metaphysics with humor, romance, and drama is a difficult feat and she pulled it off. I definitely recommend this book. If I would compare (if you will) this book trumps "The Alchemist" in the profound lessons of human nature that it teaches. It was an excellent read and brought out many emotions within me. That's what good books do.
Nikiabrown, Amazon Review 

She deserves to be found, and known by all! She has an amazing talent.
Vivienne Goetsch, Cape Town, South Africa

Thank you for joining us and starting off with 2 very nice articles. Did you notice that your first article already got an Editor's Choice Award? These babies are pretty rare. :)
Achim Thiemermann
Co-founder & Community Manager

A unique ability to make people think about issues. I could read and reread it, each time gaining more from it. Information and thought provoking words flow from you like sap from ancient trees. You are an incredible writer and your voice does exactly what we all have been joking about – make us THINK! You make one consider and mull over ideas and possibilities on life's most meaningful concepts. I never read a post of yours without wanting to go look up something or shout out loud- EXACTLY!
Elisa Huerta Sninchak

Well read and well informed on many issues. You come across as strong, confident, knowledgeable, skilled; an accomplished, studied artisan. You ARE a leader. People will naturally look to and gravitate to you.
Dr. Karen Lysik CEO Writers Dock Party

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate on behalf of all women your well-thought-out comments on the emotional fall-out of prostitution.
Lynn Roberson

Endless stock of ideas and ways in which to word them.
Dan Bosserman

Tessa, I admire your strength, focus and clarity. You epitomize what Maya Angelou wrote when she penned the poem "Phenomenal Woman". But do not construe my praise as an attempt to flatter. It is a statement of my respect. I am grateful to you
Daron M Beasley – USA

Talent just oozes from you.
Andy Ellis, Editor Mensa Magazine UK 2001/2

Your writing is like the guy who has won the most literary prizes in the world.
Dr. Mariette Prinsloo. South Africa. 1996

Much thanks to Chip Martin, Karen Lysik and Tessa Schlesinger. I always looked forward to your postings . . . stated with eloquence, humor, and/or intelligence . . . but never with intent to harm. Thanks, people.
Lila Allen – USA

 I can't see any difference between your writing and the way bestselling authors write.
Ilsa Kritzinger. Johannesburg. 1998.

You are able to take the most complicated subjects and dissect them and clearly lead a reader through logic. You have amazed me on several occasions. You, more than anyone else I've come across, have done that which I couldn't dream of accomplishing.
Susan Ruda USA 12/10/09

I can't believe I'm saying this but AMEN SISTAH! Damn, but if I wouldn't (maybe) listen to you lecture. You do have a way of letting the air out of overly-puffy arguments
Carrie Younce – USA

A reputation for a way with words that turns all prose into pleasurable reading.
Christian – Political Journalist – La Figaro, France

Tessa, I'll always be grateful to you for showing me the direction to go in the piece I wrote for our 50th high school reunion. The reunion committee included it in the "front matter" of the booklet they issued to everyone, and I read it Saturday evening during the "program," to a very warm reception. Thanks again!

And your writing here has always been of the highest quality,
Tony McGregor South Africa

I love your style! You'll enjoy HubPages and vice-versa!

Intelligence and wit -- two of my favorite virtues combined in one delightful new hubber! Welcome Sophia Angelique! MM
Mighty Mom

As an aspiring writer that began writing hubs at the same time that you started, I find you to be an inspiration. As a computer programmer in a previous life who hated writing, I find your strengths as a professional writer to be a great model to hopefully help me overcome my literary weaknesses.


Honestly Sophia, you are truly amazing woman.WoW..

I read my first hub by you and I find it to be non bias, thorough, and intersting. (Atheism)

Hi Sophia, I like your sense of humour. Am looking forward to reading more of your funny hubs

Hi Sophia, just read the hub where you called out the guy for writing fluff (the airline tix). Loved it!! Refreshing honesty on HP! Nice!! Peace!! Tom

I like your honesty. I read one of your comments within a travel hub and I found it direct and relevant- though I had no idea what you meant by "doing that American thing again!" Perhaps I will discover your meaning by reading your hubs.

I LIKE Sophia Angelique for she is an EXTREMELY -TALENTED, UNIQUE, PROLIFIC, and CREATIVE writer. PROFESSIONAL in every respect. Great choice of topics and a sheer delight to read. Her hubs are MARVELOUS! Please get to know this writer. Your life WILL be ENRICHED and BLESSED for doing it. I am HONORED to be a follower and a fan. KEEP UP THE GREAT HUBS!
kenneth avery

It's fantastic to read truly intelligent and insightful work such as yours

...you clearly have extraordinary talents and skills in research and writing and who knows what else.
LH Writings

It is your style and and sheer ability TO communicate so well that grabbed me.

You are indeed an amazing writer deserving of just rewards for your talent.

Unique and eye opening content. Thanks.

Great Hub and I admire your talent. Writing effectively is a gift. You have it.
The Frog Prince

You have a good head on your shoulders and are an inspiration to others. Thanks for sharing your experience and your knowledge.

A great hub, well thought out, full of practical advice and valuable information. Thank you.
Spirit Whisperer

Her hubs are very concise and easy to understand. She is an excellent writer

You are a great writer. I don't have to elaborate more on that. I would just tell people how engaging your hubs are. Glad to follow you. More power! :D

Fantasy romance:: Memories of a Magician

Tessa placed so much symbolism and the true heart of a woman in this book. Mingling metaphysics with humor, romance, and drama is a difficult feat and she pulled it off. I definitely recommend this book. If I would compare (if you will) this book trumps "The Alchemist" in the profound lessons of human nature that it teaches. It was an excellent read and brought out many emotions within me. That's what good books do.

Barnes and Noble
*****153 Grover
This is an interesting book and fun to read. The author is a good writer and keeps you glued to the page.

***** Catherine Earnshaw
"I needed to talk to the Master of the Universe fast, but didn’t think that T-Mobile had a network there, and I didn’t think any carrier was going to be getting one any time soon." Such is the dilemna when a 21st century, modern woman experiences the life of a magi who lived 25,000 years ago! Memories of a Magician is a good read. If you like fantasy, if you like female power and romance, you're going to like this book. Ms. Schlesinger has a voice, a way with dialogue, and a point of view. 

*****   Viv
I Lurved this. Started, and then could not put it down. I just HAD to know how the story was going to end, and what a surprise! I was in the story from start to finish:) 

Synopsis - Memories of a Magician

Ashleigh inherits not only the memories of the queen of the magicians that lived 25,000 years ago, but her power as well. Crazily, she falls in love with the same man that Ayesha, Queen of the Lanis, did, and, eventually, destroyed her kingdom for.

In her quest to undo the damage done 25,000 years ago by the Queen of Sorcerers, Ashleigh travels through Africa - with the man she became completely besotted over. Only, as in the past with that ancient magical queen, he doesn't appear interested. 

Along the way, Ashleigh meets many different African tribes, one of which consists of a village comprised entirely of young teens! On her quest she is accompanied by small group of fellow magicians who share her quest to stop those that are powerful from removing all power from humans.


Memories of a Magician

This ebook is also available free through
Amazon Prime and the Kindle Lending Library!