Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Immigrate to Another Country


MJ Rogers Amazon
I found the author's book very interesting as well as helpful. She obviously knows what she is talking about and I suspect that if I DID move out of country - her book would be my companion. 


In today's world, many people seek different or better working conditions, safety from terrible conditions, and/or a better life for their children. They begin to look at the world around them and wonder if there is another country that might better serve them.

In doing so, they need to take into consideration whether they quality for entry into that country. There's language, age, working qualifications, and a myriad of minefields to negotiate.

This book gives the chief requirements needed for immigration  to English speaking countries, plus other countries which are easy to immigrate to, as well as countries where English is spoken (even if it is not the first language). It also gives an overview of the language and terms used in immigration and what the universal basics of immigration are.

It includes weblinks to sites that will give detaled information and leading expat forums. It's a quick and easy to read ebook and by the time the reader has read it, s/he should have some idea of what the possibilities are. 

Amazon : How to Immigrate to Another Country

Barnes and Noble: How to Immigrate to Another Country